Posted: October 29, 2012 in The United Nations

The person I interviewed was Don Mertz. He worked at the job for four and a half years. He was an operations analyst for the United States government and the Air Force. The qualities to be this type of worker is, to have interest in history, sociology and have knowledge of cultures and religions and have a little knowledge in anthropology. Their base of operations is in Suffolk, Virginia. This person’s job was a communications specialist. The social media website for this organization is and now anybody can access the network and see what exactly is happening in the world. Their job was to send in troops if the United Nations didn’t act quick enough to help the world; which happened a lot according to him. His organization holds cultural awareness seminars and has actual people from that place telling their life stories.

What people don’t understand is that some of these warzones, such as Iraq could have been worse because the tyrants could have been killing innocent people during that time we were at war. He believes that the United States is too much involved in the United Nations. The United States contributes about 25 percent of the United Nations budget. His view on the United Nations is that they take too long on the decision making process.


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